List of contents

    1. How to cut fabrics BEGINNER Friendly * DIY BIKINI

    2. Bikini patterns Tips and tricks - short version by Bikini Design Club

    3. Curved center back seams on Swimwear * DIY BIKINI

    4. Hide seams with under stitch, avoid excess fabric * DIY BIKINI

    5. Sew Hidden shoulder seams on swimwear * DIY BIKINI

    6. Pattern alterations - Adding back coverage on your bikini * DIY BIKINI

    7. Sew perfect darts on swimwear without bulkiness * DIY bikini

    8. How to cut swimwear fabrics like a PRO

    9. Sewing straps on Reversibles without bulkiness * DIY BIKINI

    10. Hidden shoulder seams on Long Sleeve swimsuits

    11. Invisible stitch or ladder Stitch - Close your reversible bikini EASY

    12. The basics on Bikini and Bra Underwire Patterns by BDC

    13. Home Maintenance on Bernette B48 Funlock

    14. Swimwear patterns By BDC with Written instructions


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